Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life is short, live it!

Life is short, live it!

don't over live or under live.

Find the blossom in ur heart, it can spread odour to others.

Find the compassion in you, make others feel it.

Find the joy in your action, by giving a hand to needy.

Find the child in you, and you will be true to you.

Life is short, live it!

don't over live or under live.

Find the kindness, show it.

Find the caring and care for all.

Find your passion and live for it.

Find the love, and don't share it just give it to all.

Life is short, live it!

don't over live or under live.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sorrow from depth

the clouds are closing down into me
the air goes thin
the earth is seeping through my toe
gravity pull my arms down
throat is sore and dry
ears are buzzing with painful silence
that soul is blurring from sight
mind shouts to almighty to keep eyes off blinking
skin burns by the heat of heart
God, you take this body not the soul
let it wander for the Love
it is an armor for my Love
Oh Love, my soul is what remains

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please "Listen to mine"

Can the breeze summon the feel, to talk for me, to you
Or can the dry pollen fly onto carry the message.
Why is there nothing, that you utter
even curse me, avoid me, hurt me;
at least I may feel what I did.
This silence is hurting me as if fallen on thorny herb, escaping from a flood.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dry Sunny day, wet cool sand, blossom soul

If it was not for those subtle and bold words of yours,
or for that blindly bliss, or for that childish looks,
that I had an eyeful of you.

Dated Mar 29 '09

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Ultimate Slavery

For him,
birth was a brutal cause to live
and life was a curse to accept
for only escaping to death.
His pale brown eyes with a zonking structure
squatted down bowing his master,
with hands crossed his narrow chest.
Was he fagged of work or a zombie.
Still bowing and an ear to his master's yelling,
begging for a little gesture in vain,
and blindly yet, for a cup of porridge.
Was this an acid test to his innocence
or a sinister fate he had to overwork.
Had ever man regretted for this?


Mute the World

The starving ears bowed,
for so deep it was.
Raised to the apex
the melancholy so brittle
It levitated tough stones
rather blew them away.
The air drew a track so dark,
at the Sun to black-out.
Myriads of stars lit
and a bliss at each chance.
Flame was it?
for my heart felt hot
or a blitz was it?
with soft cotton tone.
Worth it is,
as it did Mute the World.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is the glory of our land,
the sole beat of our souls.
It swooned us in days of trial.
When swooped on a fateful day.
It is disguised in billions,
though disgusted by millions.
It is the warmth we realize,
from the lap of our motherland.

Dated 20/9/2001